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Our company

Triple J Sports was created in 2004 by Jay  Jenkins. We are glad to serve our community and customers with great service and high quality products.

We are very pleased about our philanthropic endeavors within our community and the Northwest.  We proudly donate to local charities, assist the funding of the Jeff Lucas Memorial annual scholarships, and donating product to school functions and fundraisers.

In March of 2013 we changed our business name to Red Wing Apparel.  The change comes from the dedication to remembering Jeffrey Alan Lucas, US Navy SEAL, who died in Afghanastan, 2005 attempting to save some of his fellow teammates on OPERATION RED WING.  


He will never be FORGOTTEN!


Please contact us through email or phone: 503-341-8378 or

Red Wing Apparel/Triple J Sports, Inc

12013 NE Marx Building 5

Portland, OR 97220